Bowl Predictions 2015: Week 3

The latest predictions are up, for what that’s worth. Why so glum?

I still have an unprecedented seven open bowl slots. I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten into November hurting for teams, but this year looks particularly dire. It may be worth noting some regulars that do not appear in this week’s edition:

  • Virginia Tech (2nd longest active bowl streak at 22 years)
  • Georgia Tech (tied-3rd longest active bowl streak at 18 years)
  • Nebraska (perennial power)
  • South Carolina (consistently made bowls under Spurrier)
  • Kansas State (is the magic running out?)

And those are power five teams that have been to a bowl at least the past five years in a row.

Part of the problem are also the smaller teams. After usually getting an automatic loss or two in the early part of the season, these teams are behind the eight-ball in getting to six wins. Here’s how many I have getting in from each of the minor conferences:

  • American: 7/13
  • Conference USA: 7/12
  • Mid-American: 6/14
  • Mountain West: 6/12
  • Sun Belt: 5/11

The Power 5 aren’t much better. I have half the ACC Atlantic missing on a bowl game, for instance.

Hopefully, it’s a situation that improves in the next couple of weeks, or else this is going to start getting tough.