Rating the 2014 Non-Conference Slate: Big 12

Our next stop (of two) of our tour of inaccurately named conferences is the Big 12.

  1. Texas (1 legit, 0 FCS): North Texas, Brigham Young, N-California-Los Angeles. The UCLA game is at Jerry Jones’s Intergalactic Space Palace, robbing us of the chance of seeing that always sumptuous looking Rose Bowl turf1. Well, other than for UCLA’s home games. Oh, and while I don’t doubt that it’ll be green, considering the current weather conditions in most of California it could just be paint.
  2. Oklahoma State (1, 1): N-Florida State, Missouri State, Texas-San Antonio. Speaking of the Space Palace, it’ll also host one of the season’s premier inter-conference games right in the first week. Florida State is better than UCLA (well, probably, and the Bruins aren’t supposed to be slouches this year), Texas won out by not having any FCS teams.
  3. West Virginia (1, 1): N-Alabama, Towson, @Maryland. However, Oklahoma State did place ahead of the Mountaineers based on the strength of their one legit game, even if just barely. Besides, while I do give some credit for having multiple Power 5 teams, Maryland is, well, Maryland.
  4. Kansas State (1, 1): Stephen F. Austin, Auburn, Texas-El Paso. Maryland was enough for the ‘Neers to get the nudge over Kansas State, though.
  5. Oklahoma (0.5, 0): Louisiana Tech, @Tulsa, Tennessee. From the looks of it, Oklahoma-Tulsa appears to have been a 3-for-1, but it’s hard to know for sure. Either way, the Sooners did make the trek up to Tulsa back in 2007 and then laid their usual shellacking on the Golden Hurricane.
  6. Iowa State (0.5, 1): North Dakota State, @Iowa, Toledo. Iowa State may not win any of these games. North Dakota State beat Kansas State last year en route to the FCS national title. There’s not usually lines on games against FCS opponents, but the Bison may be the favorites.
  7. Texas Tech (0.25, 1): Central Arkansas, @Texas-El Paso, Arkansas. It’s partly a function of geography, but I do enjoy when there’s some historical conference foe action going on. Which is good, because that’s all that’s going on with Texas Tech’s schedule.
  8. Kansas (0.25, 1): Southeast Missouri State, @Duke, Central Michigan. I should probably save this for the game preview, but I can’t resist. What happened the last time Kansas went on the road to an ACC school, you ask? Well…
  9. Texas Christian (0, 1): Samford, Minnesota, @Southern Methodist. Okay, I’ll go ahead and do the SMU thing here. So SMU this season will play three former Southwest Conference teams in out-of-conference play (TCU, Baylor, and Texas A&M). In addition, they’re still in a conference with Houston. So they’re basically halfway to getting the band back together! Alas. A world where all the Texas schools (and Arkansas) played each other was just too perfect, apparently.
  10. Baylor (0, 1): Southern Methodist, Northwestern State, @Buffalo. One is tempted to think that Baylor scheduled this when they were still awful. And indeed, they last visited the Queen City in 2007. And indeed, they’ve seen had two home against Buffalo, and there are no more future contests scheduled, so one could conclude that it was a straight-up 2-for-2 deal. I suspect that if the series is renewed ever that will not be the case again.

1: Well, maybe if you’re Les Miles, otherwise it probably just always looks nice.