Bowl Predictions 2013: Final

Here are the final projections. I’ll be tweaking them throughout the day as bids are announced. Here are the high points:

  • This is a good article about the sorts of things that are wrong with the bowl system, at least in terms of teams earning bids.
  • Most other projections have Oregon getting shut out of the BCS, so I decided to follow the trend. I still have no idea why Clemson is considered a BCS team, but people who know more than me about this stuff say they’re in so I guess they’re in.
  • Oklahoma’s win over Oklahoma State is being projected to give them enough of a lift up into the top 14, where they will also go to the BCS for some reason. (Well, they’ll sell a ton of tickets to the Sugar Bowl, that’s why.)
  • Today’s results, especially in the Big 12, robbed me of the interesting matchups I was projecting last week. So much for those Oklahoma-Nebraska and Oregon-Baylor games. Instead, you’ll probably get to see Oregon put up 60 on Texas.
  • Speaking of predicted blowouts, most sources I saw put Duke in the Chick-fil-a Bowl against Texas A&M. TAMU’s defense is pretty awful, but they should be able to beat Duke handily. I have no idea why the CFA would pick Duke over Miami. Or at least I didn’t until I saw that their selection committee page said Miami’s best win is over Georgia Tech. My initial reaction was “that can’t possibly be right”. It turns out it is.
  • I would rather see Alabama-Oregon and Ohio State-Oklahoma State than what we’re getting, but that’s the BCS for you, I guess. We’ll know for sure at 8:30 PM tonight.