2014 World Cup Update: Selected Scenarios for September 6

These are the advancement scenarios for the African World Cup qualifiers to be held on September 6th. More teams in other confederations with likely be able to clinch advancement on Tuesday, so we’ll examine them after Friday’s action.


16 teams from 7 groups attempting to advance to the Third Round. Cote d’Ivoire (Group C), Egypt (Group G), and Algeria (Group H) have already clinched.

Group A

Current leaders Ethiopia will advance with:

  • A win over Central African Republic
  • A draw and a South Africa draw or loss to Botswana
  • A loss and a draw between South Africa and Botswana

South Africa can advance with:

  • A win over Botswana and an Ethiopia loss to Central African Republic

Botswana can advance with a win over South Africa and an Ethiopia loss to Central African Republic.

Group B

Tunisia and Cape Verde top the group with 11 and 9 points, respectively. Tunisia advances with a win or draw and Cape Verde advances with a win.

Group D

Ghana and Zambia top the group with 12 and 11 points, respectively. Ghana advances with a win or draw while Zambia must win.

Group E

Current leaders Congo advance with:

  • A win over Niger
  • A draw and a Burkina Faso loss to Gabon
  • A loss and a Burkina Faso draw as long as Congo loses by only 1 goal
  • A loss by 2 goals and a Burnkina Faso draw results in more complicated scenarios
  • A loss and a Gabon win over Burkina Faso by less than 4 goals, or 5 goals with more complicated scenarios

Burnkina Faso can advance with a win over Gabon and a Congo loss or draw to Niger; or a draw and a Congo loss by more than 2 goals.

Gabon can advance with a win and a Congo loss to Niger by more than 4 goals.

Group F

Nigeria leads Malawi 9 points to 7. If Nigeria beats or draws Malawi they advance, while Malawi needs a win.

Group I

Cameroon leads Libya 10 points to 9. If Cameroon beats or draws Libya they advance, while Libya must win.

Group J

Senegal leads Uganda 9 points to 8. If Senegal beats or draws Uganda, they advance, while Uganda must win.