Bowl Predictions 2011: Week 5

Here you go. This’ll be another quick post, though.

Also, please appreciate I spent a lot of time fixing the HTML for the predictions page so the file is about half the size of what it’s been in the past, which means you can now load the predictions even more quickly regardless of what platform you use to view them.

  • BCS: I expected Stanford to lose, so I sort have been accounting for that. However, I didn’t really expect Boise to blow their shot again, so mid-major autobid now falls to Case Keenum and Co. in Houston. If Oklahoma State or, God forbid, LSU lose? Then I have no idea. I really don’t want to see a rematch, and personally if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State they may well be the best one loss team in the land – especially as it becomes easier to chalk up their loss to TTU as a complete and utter fluke.
  • ACC: Things again went pretty much according to plan here, and I still have a surplus of ACC teams.
  • Big East: There is no plan here. The Big East is the opposite of a plan. Much like matter and anti-matter, if the Big East and Plans ever met it they would cancel each other out and likely result in a serious explosion.
  • Big Ten: I guess Wisconsin will win? Who knows? Anyway this is pretty much a one-bid league this year. I actually have both Purdue and Northwestern making bowl games, but I had to put them in as at-larges for bowls that can’t fill their slots.
  • Big 12: Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are likely both in if everything goes according to plan. But in what order?
  • Pac-12: I have both Oregon and Stanford in, as this seems like it’ll be an especially dire year for the BCS at-large pool. The Pac-12 bowl teams pool is shallow as well, but it would be interesting to see how bad UCLA would lose to TCU.
  • SEC: I went ahead and put Vandy up to the vaunted 6-6 mark, but I don’t think even the hometown Music City Bowl would take them over the fervent fans of Miss State.
  • Everyone else: Notre Dame seems to me to be on a collision course to get a pretty good “name” game in the Champs Sports Bowl. If you’re wondering about Boise, they could still get in, but they need TCU to lose twice because according to the rules you need to be a conference champ to get in as an at-large mid-major team. (It’s right there on the page, even!)