Rating the 2010 Non-Conference Slate: Epilogue

Editor’s note: parts of this post have been shamelessly ripped-off from last year’s. Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time right now.

Before we can properly dive back in to college football, let’s examine our treatment of the best, and worst, of college football scheduling this year. Unlike the previous editions, this has a bit of subjectiveness to it, after all, no one really cares what kind of schedule Duke plays – the point here is to reward or shame programs that should, well, know better.

First, let’s look at the worst OOC schedules in college football, this time sorted by their “legit average”.
Dis-honorable mentions: Virginia and Arizona State. While their 0.25 legit averages are too “high” for the below, they were the only two teams in major college football to schedule 2 DI-AA teams this year. So way to (not) go!

The following teams had a 0.125 legit average, but they weren’t even the worst in their conferences so I felt bad about pointing them out each, so I’ll just list them here in no particular order: Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and Arkansas. So without further adieu, here’s the top 6 worst schedules in major college football:
6. Rutgers (0.5 legit, 1 DI-AA): Norfolk State, @Florida International, North Carolina, Tulane, N-Army. The reason why they rate lower than the above with 1 BCS team is because of the 5 out-of-conference games (which is taken into account for the average). Nonetheless, this is a bad schedule. But it gets worse!
5. California (0.25, 1): California-Davis, Colorado, @Nevada. With only 3 OOC games, it’s hard for Pac-10 teams to appear here, but Cal managed to pull it off because there is nothing here. Perhaps you can cut them some slack because, hey, why would Colorado be this bad? Well, them’s the breaks.
4. Oklahoma State (0.25, 0): Washington State, Troy, Tulsa, @Louisiana-Lafayette. I didn’t have much to say the first time I saw this schedule. I still really don’t. It’s just a poor effort by OSU. You’d think with all that money they could get some decent OOC scheduling, but hey at least it’s not as bad as the next three.
3. Mississippi State (0, 1): Memphis, Alcorn State, @Houston, Alabama-Birmingham. Last year’s worst schedule, er, “winner”, is vaulted to the top of the “0” heap thanks to the away game at Houston. The next two aren’t so lucky.
2. Mississippi (0, 1): Jacksonville State, @Tulane, Fresno State, Louisiana-Lafayette. They were the worst last year, but they’ve swapped places with Texas Tech for now. Still not great, though. Hopefully Fresno will give them the what-for.
1. Texas Tech (0, 1): Southern Methodist, @New Mexico, Weber State, Houston. Seriously, is Texas Tech even trying? They were #2 last year, and I think this schedule is actually worse. Geez.

With that over with, let’s take a look at teams who decided to entertain all of us and perhaps helps themselves a little in the process. This is a little more stringent than the above, as I wanted to focus on teams that played more than 1 BCS school and interesting inter-regional matchups.5. Miami (1.75 legit, 1 DI-AA): Florida A&M, @Ohio State, @Pittsburgh, South Florida. Miami-Pitt reunite in a battle of former Big East foes, and Miami also travels to the Shoe in a rematch of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl that decided the national title.
4. Pittsburgh (2.75, 1): @Utah, New Hampshire, Miami (FL), Florida International, @Notre Dame. They should be #1, but the average hurts them again with the 5 OOC teams. Nonetheless, this is a great schedule, even if they do play ND every year.
3. Florida State (2.5, 1): Samford, @Oklahoma, Brigham Young, Florida. This is a good schedule as well, but they do have the rivalry game factor here that perhaps should push Miami or Pitt above them. Nonetheless, solid.
1. Washington (1.75, 0): @Brigham Young, Syracuse, Nebraska. Well, I’ll do now what I should’ve done earlier this week, which is consider Oregon State and Washington a tie for first. These are both good schedules and benefit from the average and not having any DI-AA teams on the schedule.
1. Oregon State (1.75, 0): N-Texas Christian, Louisville, @Boise State. Nonetheless, Oregon State does have its two biggest OOC games away from home. That’s definitely a factor in their favor.

Well, that’s that. Now, it’s time to play the game and not talk about them! TV schedule should be up shortly.