Bowl Predictions: Final

I did upload a final set of predictions, but thanks to my obligations in Tampa and flying back I didn’t have time to do a write-up. Instead, I’ll talk about the final deal.

Keep in mind, I saw almost none of yesterday’s games except for the ACC title game and the end of the Pitt-Cincy game.

  •  On the title game: Well, Texas ran into by far the best defense they’ve played and floundered as Colt McCoy got sacked approximately a million times. The Horns still won, but nonetheless it makes you wonder – especially as Alabama rolled to a SECCG victory. Alabama also features a suffocating defense and, unlike Nebraska, has some semblance of an offense. That said, Texas still has Colt McCoy and, therefore, still has a chance – and of course, I’d prefer they win. However, the hype machine for ‘Bama is already well underway, almost reminiscent of the hype train USC rode into the 2006 Rose Bowl, and we know how that went.
  • As for the Fiesta, I don’t really have anything to add since SI’s Andy Staples summed it up already: “Welcome to Glendale, home of the Separate but Equal Bowl.”
  • That said, this has been one of the most unpredictable years for the bowls that I can remember. I think the weirdness started last week when the Outback took Auburn and just went from there. USC falling to the Emerald? The Sun willingly taking Stanford? Mizzou falling as far as they did – i.e., getting picked after Iowa State and Texas A&M? The whole stupid Florida State thing (that I talked about last week)? USF going to Toronto? Ugh.
  • Iowa over Penn State was probably the “right” thing to do, in the sense that Iowa did beat Penn State earlier this year. I was still surprised it happened, though.
  • Michigan State went a lot higher than I would’ve expected (the Alamo has the 3rd selection after the BCS), considering their recent legal troubles. Texas Tech was also a surprise there.

That’s it from now, as I’m exhausted from my adventure. More later.