Bowl Predictions: Week 6

Predictions are up.

Some notes:

  • With most seasons wrapped up, hopefully we’ll start seeing some confirmations, especially for bowls that will probably not have their primary tenants.
  • What to do with Boise? I still feel its entirely possible they are left-out by the powers-that-be. For the past two weeks, I used this to put them in the Poinsettia, but with the Pac-10 only getting 1 team into the BCS and having some surprise qualifiers (like, say, Stanford) they will actually fulfill their obligations this year. Result: if Boise doesn’t get picked by the BCS, they’re probably going to the Humanitarian.
  • My BCS picks remained the same, reflecting the stability at the top after last weekend. You can switch Florida and Alabama around however you like.
  • The Sun may be too optimistic for USC at this point.
  • On second thought, Virginia Tech going to the Peach over Clemson may not be all that great – VPI has already been to Atlanta twice this year.
  • With their loss to Ole Miss, LSU slides all the way down to… the Cotton. I don’t think anyone over there is panicking about this part.
  • Other that than, there are a bevy of MAC teams that qualified with winning records (i.e., 7-5). It got to the point where it was difficult to produce matchups that didn’t involve MAC vs. MAC games. We’ll see how all that shapes up after this weekend.