This Week in College Football: Week 12

Introducing “This Week in College Football”. With the proliferation of conferences desperate for ESPN’s money and exposure, we now have college ball on practically every day of the week. So each week, I’ll write up a short post about this week’s weekday games in the same vein as my weekend column.
As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


6:00: Buffalo @ Miami University (ESPNU): This game is going on right now and I can’t see it because I’m at work. Buffalo should win, I guess?

8:00: Central Michigan @ Ball State (ESPN2): I originally made bad jokes involving the MAC and Dan LeFevour. Now you’ll just have to take my word for it. CMU should walk through this.


7:30: Colorado @ Oklahoma State (ESPN): Oklahoma State will likely be starting their backup QB. Colorado will likely start a QB. Will it matter? No.


5:30: Akron @ Bowling Green (ESPNU): Bowling Green needs a win to get to the magical land of bowl eligibility. Akron, well, their mascot is a kangaroo.

9:30: Boise State @ Utah State (ESPN2): Four wins would match Utah State’s highest win total since 2002. Note I didn’t say “five wins”.

Also, I know bowl predictions haven’t been posted yet. They’re up but I haven’t time to do the writeup yet. Patience.