Cam Chanchellor: Not Clairvoyant After All

Some of you may recall this quote from ACC media days back in July:

Virginia Tech safety Kam Chancellor said that during a film session he think he has figured out what Tech is going to do, just from the blocking schemes.

“I can tell run, pass, who’s getting the ball,” Chancellor said.

“If they keep it like that, then we’re all good.”

Well, 309 yards is a relatively low total for us.

At any rate, this was a great win, of course. Tech made great second half adjusts to free up both a long run for Dwyer and get to the perimeter (though that was also helped by getting some blocking outside as well). The defense played well for three quarters, which was just enough allow GT to get a lead that it would never relinquish.

This was Tech’s first win over a top-5 team since beating #1 Alabama 7-6. In 1962.

Next up? Let us consult the list of GT Hexes:

  1. 0-7 against Georgia since 2000
  2. 0-12 against FSU since they joined the ACC in 1992
  3. 0-8 against Virginia in Charlottesville since 1991

Well, hrm.