Rating the 2009 Non-Conference Slate: Prologue

It’s that time once again. I explained the rules and logic last year, and we’ve followed the same process again. So let’s break down the conference desirability ratings once again:

  1. SEC (0.792)
  2. ACC (0.6875)
  3. Big 12 (0.6875)
  4. Big 10 (0.659)
  5. Pac-10 (0.625)
  6. Big East (0.5625)

The Big 12 slid a bit this year, and the ACC rose a bit, probably mostly due to bias on our part. The Big East is hurt by a lack of any “1” teams, and the Pac-10 is hurt once again by the Washington schools.

Finally, the list of “1”s: Georgia Tech (bias, ahoy!), Clemson, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Southern Cal, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee.

Coming up soon, the ACC!