Bowl Predictions, Final

And here’s the last set of trying to call who goes where instead of who wins. Once everything is set, then the predicting begins!

Anyway, here’s some closing thoughts:

  • It’s shaping up to be a Wake Forest-Navy rematch up in DC, though this could be avoided if the Emerald takes Wake.
  • I imagine the BCS has no good solution for the Cincinnati/Utah situation. Everyone seems to assume that Cincy will fall to the Orange and I’m going along with that, but as I’ve said before in the past the last bowl on the pecking the order (in this case, the Orange) gets stuck with the mid-major. Also, the Sugar featured a mid-major team last year. On the flip side, the Fiesta is probably salivating at the thought of a Texas-Ohio State matchup, which is every bit as high profile as the Rose and the title game itself.
  • I’m still guessing LSU is Tech’s probably opponent.
  • Disappointment Bowl: the projected GMAC Bowl is a study in having a great season that just falls short.
  • Central vs. Western: In other MAC news, Central and Western Michigan both have winning records but the MAC only has 3 bids, and with the title game participants locked in it’s going to be interesting to see who gets the Motor City bid if Ball State goes to Mobile. There’s also the question of their opponent. I thought it’d be Notre Dame but the online rumor mills point to ND going to Texas or Louisiana, so I’m sliding NC State in there.
  • There was apparently a big push there year to keep bowls from announcing early. While I generally commend this trend, it does make it more frustrating to me because I basically had to do a Google news search on all the bowls a few times this week to check for news. (I used to use the ESPN news wire for this, but it’s not working as well this year.)
  • In reality, the Gators may jump OU because they a) beat the top ranked team and b) as a move by the human polls to ensure the UF-OU matchup in the title game. People prattle on about the computer polls but the reality of the situation is that with 2/3rds of the vote, the human polls exact a very large amount of control over who gets in to the title game.

Anyway, Sunday’s the big day, and I’ll have the final set of matchups uploaded tomorrow night.