Bowl Predictions, Week 6

Okay, I’ve been a lot busier than anticipated, but I will scratch out a bowl predictions post right quick. I’m despairing because this all going to be a lot clearer after this weekend, especially with regard to the Oregon State situation.

  • I finally bit the bullet and projected Oregon State to win the Pac-10, which causes Ohio State to miss the BCS and the Big Ten to actually fufill its bowl obligations.
  • I put Oklahoma there before the BCS came out. There’s really no way to predict what the voters will do based on the results this weekend, though.
  • I am stubbornly sticking to my guns regarding a Tech-Vandy Music City matchup.
  • I apparently forgot to put someone in the Emerald Bowl. Just go with Hawaii, I guess. Oh, and ignore that Fresno State-Rutgers is a rematch. (I may correct these issues before I upload next week’s.)
  • Somewhat Non-Obvious Matchup of the Week: None. I don’t see any non-high-profile game that intrigues me at all on this list.

Anyway, I will try to upload on Saturday night. My usual policy is to at least do the initial predictions before the bowls will have a chance to announce matchups. (A lot of bowls involving non-BCS conferences will probably announce their bids this week.) If a bowl extends a bid and I’m wrong, I will change the prediction of the other bowls involved with that conference. I don’t remember if I count any correct predictions that were changed during the week as “correct”, but we’ll see.