Skip Caray Dies at 68

I wrote the below over on a different forum, but I think it sums things up well. Various tributes are over the AJC but I’m too lazy to link them right now.

A truly unfortunate day.

I grew up listening to Skip as I’m sure many did. After moving to the West Coast last year I’ve heard much less of him, of course. The real Skip Caray lived on radio, where his irreverent humor kept me entertained on those Sunday afternoon drives to or from Atlanta.

“He will be missed”, indeed.

I hope SportSouth does an appropriate tribute for him, even though he never worked for them. I’ll miss it since I’m actually going to the Braves-Giants game tomorrow, but still.

Also blatantly stolen from whoever the AJC stole it from is this MP3 of Sid Bream’s mad dash to win the 1992 NLCS. This is my earliest baseball and Braves related memory.