Bowl Games: Hors d’Å“uvre

And we’re now starting to get to the decent stuff in this buffet that is bowl season. Also, A5 and I have put together a little contest, and I’m beating him by one game so far.

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.

  • Central Michigan vs. Purdue, Motor City Bowl (Dec. 26, 7:30, ESPN): This one is just underway, but that doesn’t really change the fact I predicted Purdue to win here. Helps that Purdue already beat them 45-22 this season. Of course, as I write this CMU goes up 3-0.
  • Arizona State vs. Texas, Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (Dec. 27, 8:00, ESPN): I always consider this the first real game of bowl season. This year is no exception, as we get our first matchup of marquee names, as well as the first with two BCS conference teams. I like Arizona State here for no particular reason.
  • Boston College vs. Michigan State, Champs Sports Bowl (Dec. 28, 5:00, ESPN): I doubt this is where the Eagles wanted to end up, while I’m sure Mich. State is more than happy to be here. Will “happy to be here” be enough for them to beat the Eagles and Matt Ryan playing in his last collegiate game? I doubt it.
  • Texas Christian vs. Houston, Texas Bowl (Dec. 28, 8:00, NFL): TCU has won the last 7 games in this series, including 4 since 2000. Seeing as how it’s on the NFL network, you probably won’t get to see them go to 8 straight.
  • Maryland vs. Oregon State, Emerald Bowl (Dec. 28, 8:30, ESPN): I still don’t really think Maryland is that good, as they demonstrated by them losing 4 of their last 6. Meanwhile, Oregon State’s last 7 is only blemished by a loss to Southern Cal. I like the Beavers in a close one.
  • Wake Forest vs. Connecticut, Meineke Car Care Bowl (Dec. 29, 1:00, ESPN): Yet, I like Wake over UConn. Both teams are considered exceedingly lucky. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but when it comes to skill, I like the Deacons.
  • Central Florida vs. Mississippi State, Autozone Liberty Bowl (Dec. 29, 4:30, ESPN): Not sure I can quantify why I like UCF here, as Miss State should be about on par talent-wise. UCF does have one major advantage at running back, as they bring in the nation’s #1 running back, Kevin Smith. Miss State sports the nation’s 65th ranked rushing defense (at 159 yards/game), which isn’t all that great.
  • Texas Agricultural and Mechanical vs. Pennsylvania State, Valero Alamo Bowl (Dec. 29, 8:00, ESPN): TAMU is definitely an upset pick here, but they do already have a new coach in place and are playing in the state of Texas, which should give them a definite home-field advantage.
  • Colorado vs. Alabama, Petrosun Independence Bowl (Dec. 30, 8:00, ESPN): Battle of 6-6! Only one team advances to a winning record, and we all know how much Bama is paying for those these days. Perhaps I’m letting my biases get in the way, but I like the Buffs here.

Anyway, two more bowl preview posts coming up for y’all. First set will be our main course of the 31st and 1st, followed by a rich dessert plate for the post New Year’s BCS bowls and national title game.