Bowl Predictions, Week 6

Not entirely lucid? Perhaps. But hey, they’re up and I’m ready to discuss them as proceed on Hate Week here at asimsports.

  • The BCS announced the other day that if there are not enough teams in the top 14 that can be selected, then the field can be expanded to the top 18. So, uh, hi there, Illinois? How are you doing?
  • We’ll see after this weekend how Hawaii fares, as their matchup against Boise State Friday night will at least get them into the top 14 with a victory. Either would probably qualify via “the Pitt rule” UConn upsets West Virginia. The likely destination for either would probably be the Sugar Bowl, which selects last this year.
  • As people who know me, well, know, I despise the so-called “University” of Alabama and everything it stands for. When they play Georgia I usually hope for the Earth to swallow them both whole or a local, but devastating, meteor impact. They did not do me any favors Saturday in their stupid loss to Louisiana-Monroe. The Music City Bowl wanted the loser of the Alabama-Auburn, and since FSU played ‘Bama this year this made Georgia Tech an attractive pick for the spot. Now at 6-6, Alabama can’t be picked ahead of any SEC team that finishes 7-5 or better, except in the off-chance they somehow beat Auburn Saturday. The ideal situation for me is that Auburn wins, we win, and end up there anyway. But FSU went to the Emerald last year and so it’s not looking good for the White and Gold. This week’s predictions “keep the faith”, as it were, but I’m not optimistic.
  • The SEC and Big Ten bowl picture is crowded. 10 of 11 Big Ten qualify, and 10 of 12 SEC teams already have and 5-6 Vandy meets Wake Forest Saturday. Because of NCAA rules, 6-6 won’t be good enough in these conferences, and even 7 wins may not be enough for some teams. I see Purdue, TCU, and Ball State getting 7 wins but being left out of their conference’s bowl picture. I see Iowa, Northwestern, and South Carolina finishing 6-6 and staying at home.
  • The predictions are a mixture of reality and attempts to see into the future. As you can see, I see USC and ASU getting at-large BCS bids, implying that USC beats Arizona State tomorrow and Oregon loses another game (which they have to, as they win any three-team tiebreaker with USC and ASU).

We’ve got at least two more weeks of predictions. We may see some bowls featuring smaller conferences start to announce their bids after this weekend, though. So stay tuned!