Bowl Predictions, Week 3

It’s that time again! Some thoughts:

  • Auburn and Michigan in the BCS? “This is madness!” you say. I say, “This is Sparta the 2007 college football season!” Michigan has been soaring up the polls and the BCS rankings, and if they lose only to Ohio State in the season finale they should still meet the golden criteria (top 14, 9 wins) to get picked as a replacement for Ohio State by the Rose. As for Auburn, they’re almost in the top 14 and will continue to rise as long as they win out. Alabama could find themselves here if they win out as well. They have the best chance to qualify since the SEC East is too busy beating itself up (see: Kentucky, Florida). Also, Hawaii is getting to a point where if they win out they might get an auto-bid, but they really need to beat someone that will get them ranked in the computers. For now, I have predicted Arizona State and Kansas to be 1-loss teams that get at-large spots, though that last spot in the Sugar is something of a tossup. (The Sugar is also where Hawaii would probably fall if they qualified, since they pick last this year.)
  • There are a few 6-6 teams that didn’t make it but I don’t remember who they are at the moment. The SEC may qualify both Miss State and Vanderbilt, though the latter is less likely. (Miss State should be favored to beat Ole Miss at this point, whereas Vandy will be an underdog in all its remaining games.)
  • I’ve seen some projects put GT into the Champs Sports, but I think it’s more likely we fall to the ACC 5/6/7 rigmarole. Also, if nothing else, I could at least go to Nashville for a bowl game if that were to happen. But if we lose 2 more we could find ourselves out west.
  • Though I think Miami will actually be lucky to qualify for a bowl at this point, they probably won’t make a return trip to Boise, so I’ve swapped them and FSU’s proper places.
  • For now, I’ve reverted the Gator and Sun back to their more natural conferences, as I really doubt the Sun Bowl wants UConn.
  • Intriguing projected match-ups: USC-Texas (Holiday), Michigan-Oregon (Rose; can the Wolverines not get blown out this time?). I guess that’s not that good of a list? Eh, that’s the issue with these early projections.