Bowl Predictions, Week 2

Week 2 of my horrendous guesses trying to put some order into this season that lacks any. Some notes:

  • I really have no idea what to make of the BCS situation. For starters, who will the Rose Bowl want if Ohio State runs the table? There is no way any other Big Ten team is going to qualify for the BCS. And even outside of that, who are going to be the at-large teams? Of my at-large qualifiers, only Kansas might have 1-loss. Madness.
  • The Big Ten is so mediocre this year that they will have 9 bowl eligible teams. This week I was able to fill all spots, so I gave Indiana and Northwestern the shaft. The SEC may also have another qualifier, so I gave Arkansas the shaft, especially if they end up firing Nutt.
  • I still have Tech in the Music City bowl, but more realistically they will end up on the West Coast if they lose more than 1 game the rest of the way.
  • These result more of what is going on right now than out-and-out predictions, which is why my stated prediction of Michigan beating Ohio State isn’t on here. Also, these try to somewhat more firmly rooted in reality.

4 thoughts on “Bowl Predictions, Week 2

  1. Anonymous

    Mizzou looks to be quite busy on New Year’s Day considering the predictions have them in both the Cotton and Gator. IMO Oklahoma State, which is missing from your Big 12 lineup, will supplant K-State and/or Colorado by selection time, especially considering they WILL upset OU in Norman. Even if they don’t, they belong ahead of CU and KSU in the mix, just ask Ron Prince.

    HOOK’EM in Santa Fe

  2. A5

    Yeah – he really ought to have me proof-read these before posting them. Beyond that, OSU is pretty bad – they aren’t going to upset OU unless they somehow learn to play defense.

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