9 thoughts on “Live Commentating: Braves @ Padres

  1. asimperson

    Nothing too egregious in the first. We’ll probably get something mock-worthy when they get through the anecdotes from yesterday’s games, though.

  2. asimperson

    Joe, just because Andruw is on pace to hit 30 HR and get 100+ RBI doesn’t mean his batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage are irrelevant. His run production will still be terrible if all he’s hitting are HRs and no doubles.

    Also, nice HR by McCann.

  3. A5

    Joe just said he got up at 6AM to watch the Wimbledon finals. Good to know he watches more tennis than baseball.

  4. asimperson

    We get it Joe, you like football. Meanwhile, except for the Mike Cameron run-scoring double, they only talk about baseball when special guest LaDamlian Tomlison wants too. Having guests like this during games is idiotic.

  5. asimperson

    Will: so how much do we wanna bet that kyle davies saves the box score of this game just so he can tell his grandkids that greg maddux once got pulled from a game before him

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