Title Game Preview

Since I’ll be on the road most of Sunday and Monday headed to my new home in California, I’d figure I’d get this out of the way.

Like most people, I’m predicting Ohio State to win Monday night. Here’s why:
Living in the southeast, I’ve had several chances to watch Florida this year. They have never impressed me. They lack any dominant victories over important teams (and have, indeed, lost a game). It’s difficult to tell whether or not they actually belong in the national title game.
Ohio State, meanwhile, dominated nearly all of their opponents. The only doubt that enters my mind now is that Michigan, which pretty much did the same, just simply got spanked by USC in the Rose Bowl. I don’t think UMich could’ve been anymore down than USC was about getting in the national title game – after all, had USC beaten a very mediocre UCLA they would’ve gone.

Nevertheless, there has been no better team in the country this year than OSU. I don’t think anyone in this country could run with them, of course, I’ve been wrong before. While I ultimately don’t have a rooting interest in this game, I’ll probably be hoping that UF can keep it close just to make it worth watching. Realistically, I like for OSU to win by at least two touchdowns. (I am going to regret typing that.)

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