In The News; Las Vegas Bowl

Couple of news items of interest to, well, me before I talk about tomorrow’s bowl game.

  • FSN fires one of my least favorite announcers ever. It’s hard to explain how idiotic I thought Bob Rathburn was. My only question is whether or not he’s going to continue doing other FSN broadcasts, namely, college basketball and baseball. Now only if FOX would fire Joe Buck and ESPN would fire Joe Morgan, we’d be in business.
  • CB Kenny Scott and QB Reggie Ball declared academically ineligible. I don’t have a lot to say about this, except I remember being on that field after that Auburn game and carrying Reggie off. Times have changed mightily since then.

So, the Las Vegas Bowl: BYU-Oregon. Oregon is an okay Pac-10 team, meanwhile, BYU is the best Mountain West team. It’s hard to get a read on that, though. BYU lost to both of the BCS conference teams they played (Boston College and Arizona), but if there were any justice in this world Oregon would be 6-6. Oregon has also lost 3 straight games, including a loss to their rival. Meanwhile, BYU hasn’t lost since September 16th and beat their rival. The edge, for me, has to go to BYU – these are two teams heading in completely opposite directions. That said, I only like the Stormin’ Mormons by a touchdown, so I’m not certain of this one.

Also, my completely bowl predictions have been uploaded, and the link to your right is updated with the new URL.