With a resounding victory over, well, Duke, To Hell With Georgia week begins here on ASimSports.

Ehren and I, of course, go to GT (as does Will). Tito goes to Auburn, but they’re rivals with UGA, too, and UGA knocked them out of a BCS at-large bid. So while they may lack the “Clean Old Fashioned Hate”, there’s certainly plenty to be bitter about.

There were several rivalry games played today. OSU beat Michigan, USC beat Cal, Tennessee beat Vandy, UNC beat NCSU, Purdue beat Indiana, Northwestern beat Illinois, Kansas beat Kansas State, Washington beat Washington St., and, last but definitely not least, Auburn beat Alabama (woo!).

Also, speaking of rivalries, apparently Duke-GT used to be big back in the day. Of course, GT used to have huge rivalries with other old foes that lasted longer than the Duke thing did. Schools like Tennessee, Alabama, and Auburn used to appear on the GT schedule every fall, but no more, killed initially by joining the ACC and then in the late 80’s when another conference game was added. Alas. But, hey, GT did play Auburn in 2003 and 2005, and has a series coming up against Alabama in a few years…

Rece Davis apparently said that Colonel Reb is no longer crying, hooray Internet memes! And of course, Ole Miss still blew it in the end.

Who wants to win the ACC Atlantic? No one, apparently. Maryland’s luck ran out and they lost to BC, but Wake lost to a rejuvenated (and still dirty) Virginia Tech. Wake still controls their own destiny, but if they lose, all then things get interesting. Here’s the lowdown:
Wake plays @Maryland and BC plays @Miami. If Wake wins, it’s over, as they hold all tiebreakers. If Wake Forest loses and Boston College loses, then Maryland goes to Jacksonville. If Wake loses and BC wins, then BC goes to JAX.

Speaking of Miami….I guess they really don’t want to go to Boise. They lost to UVA, which means they’re 5-6. How the mighty have fallen. And that fall started with that splendid victory by GT last year at the Orange Bowl….

With the Rutgers loss, things just got a lot more interesting in the Big East. If WVU wins out, they should have a BCS advantage over Louisville, otherwise, who knows? I’m not even in a position to speculate about the BCS right now. Here’s my wild-ass guess to close out the night:

1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. UF
4. ND
5. Arkansas

The wild-cards are West Virginia and Michigan. The computers loved Michigan due to their schedule (there are 2 teams out there whose only losses are to Michigan), and losing to a 12-0 team doesn’t really hurt you that much, but the loss in and of itself does. The question is- how much does that loss hurt, exactly? We’ll find out tomorrow. And then I’ll do my bowl predictions, if I have time.

Also, since there’s a good number of games on Friday due to Thanksgiving, expect a post about those too. Later!