Bowl Predictions, Week 5

I somehow lost count of the weeks. This is week 5.

Thanks to Texas, Auburn, and Cal, these are especially confused rankings.

I see a OSU-USC title game at this point, which is hilariously what I had the first two weeks I did this. Why Rutgers in the Rose? Well, with Cal’s loss, the only way they make the Rose now is by beating USC, so I had to use another team. I figured that an undefeated Rutgers might be attractive enough for the Rose. I would’ve put Florida there, but this year the bowls have actual tie-ins again and therefore Florida is tied to the Sugar unless they make it to the BCS title game. Notre Dame was also attractive, but they’ve already played Michigan this year.

I still don’t want to predict GT into the Orange Bowl, and could see them falling as far as the Gator. Also, check out Miami and FSU, the darlings of the ACC. (Whoops!) Despite what everyone thinks, Wake has the inside track to win their division.

Not much else to say. The picture will be clearer after this weekend, at least a little.