Collegiate Football Constests on the Television

Well, I watched Tech take apart the Elon Fightin’ Wes Durhams Phoenix earlier tonight. It’s nice having a point guard again.

That said, I hear they have some college kids tossing an oblate spheroid on TV this weekend, so let’s get to it.

As always, time are eastern and coverage reflects game show on our cable network at GT. You mileage may vary (i.e., pretty sure Alabama is getting a different 3:30 ABC game).


  • Georgia Tech @ UNC (affiliate list): A Tech win here clinches a spot in the ACC title game and will mark the first time Tech has won more than 7 games in the Chan Gailey era. I’m moderately excited about this.
  • Minnesota @ Michigan St. (ESPNU): I just don’t really have anything funny to say about John L. Smith anymore.
  • Wisconsin @ Iowa (ESPN): If things fall a certain way, Wisconsin could be looking at a BCS bid. Iowa’s pretty much boned in that department though, and I’ll leave it to Ehren to tell you why. 😉
  • Cincinnati @ West Virginia (ESPN2): WVU looks to stay alive in the Big East race. Have to always like WVU at home, even if it is a day game.


  • Georgia @ Auburn (affiliate list): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….I’m sorry, that’s me every time I remember Georgia’s record against Vandy and Kentucky this year (0-2). When was the last time The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry was played on LF/JP Sports?
    Also, here’s a trivia question for you: Auburn has played Georgia 109 times. It has played only two other teams more than 80 teams, having played one 86 times and the other 82 times. Without looking it up (obviously), who were they? (Answer in the comments.)
  • Baylor @ Oklahoma St. (FSN): Why?

2:00: Colorado St. @ Utah (Versus): Why am I listing this? Beats me. Utah looks to maintain it’s shot at going to a bowl again. Or something.


  • Miami @ Maryland (ABC): Will Miami be able to get up for this game? Or will they be fired up? They can still salvage their season and knock UMD out of contention in the Atlantic. But The Fridge seems to have recaptured some of the old magic…this game won’t be middling. It’ll be a blowout for UMD or a really tight game.
  • South Carolina @ Florida (CBS): The Visor steps into the Swamp again. Unfortunately for him, he is going to be on the USC sideline. UF rolls.
  • Kent St. @ VPI (EPSNU): Tin soldiers and Beamer’s comin’…
    Sorry, that was probably in bad taste. Nonetheless, VPI rolls.
  • Michigan @ Indiana (ESPN): A trap game if there ever was one. Indiana has looked decent at times this season. Michigan is essentially playing for the national title next week. But the maize and gold need to remember it’s one at a time.


  • Duke @ BC (ESPNU): People say ESPNU broadcasts games that wouldn’t ordinarily be televised. Sometimes I wonder if that’s really a good thing.
  • Tennessee @ Arkansas (ESPN2): How was this not the 7:45 ESPN game? Lunacy. Auburn fans will be cheering like hell for Tennessee and LSU over the next few weeks. If Arkansas wins, they have the SEC West pretty much wrapped up. Since it’s @Ark, I like them.

7:45: Alabama @ LSU (ESPN): Once again, how was this the 7:45 game and the UT@Ark game the 7:00 game? Alabama sucks, and doesn’t stand a chance down in the craziness that is Baton Rouge on gameday. Geaux Tigers!

8:00: Wake Forest @ FSU (ABC): Ordinarily, this would look like an easy game for the ‘Noles. Ordinarily. The ACC is just tops-turvy this year – usually UMD vs. UM and FSU vs. WF are expected to decided in favor of the teams from Florida…..

10:15: Oregon @ USC (FSN): If Oregon beats USC here, they give Cal a 2 game lead in the Pac-10, nearly clinching a Rose Bowl bid for the Bears.

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