My College Football Predictor

Hey folks. I want to let everyone know about the computerized college football prediction system I run. You can track my progress over the season at Click on “Week 8” on the left of your screen to check out this week’s picks. (I start making predictions midway through the season, for reasons explained on the site.)

This week, the CFP (College Football Predictor) picked Vanderbilt to beat South Carolina, which would be a big win for the Commodores following their October 14 upset of Georgia. 4-3 Washington State has a slight edge on 6-1 Oregon, but only because of the home-field advantage. Also, undefeated Louisville is not very heavily favored on the road against Syracuse. LSU, Auburn, Northern Illinois, Ohio, and Ohio State essentially have bye-weeks; the CFP has never mispredicted a game with the ratings margin that these teams will enjoy on Saturday.

Obviously these predictions aren’t guaranteed, but you can find my rate of success within certain rating margin ranges on the left of the CFP site. Here’s hoping the 2006 system’s inaugural run is a success!

4 thoughts on “My College Football Predictor

  1. Tito

    Yeah, the margins listed aren’t actually predicted point margins. They are the margins between my poll-specific ratings of each team. I guess that isn’t very clear on the site.

    Yeah, 73.2% would be pretty sweet against the spread. I wouldn’t be in teacher school any more, that’s for sure.

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