Saturday is finally here!

It’s time for my usual Saturday games post. I’m back in Madison this weekend so my list will reflect that – no ACC game of the week games or ESPNU games. Times will also be CDT. That said, let’s do this.

*Minnesota @ Wisconin, ESPN – Probably a battle for some sort of Big Ten trophy.
*Iowa @ Indiana, ESPN2 – Iowa rolls.

*Vanderbilt @ Georgia, LF Sports – Poor Vandy, but nonetheless, go ‘Dores!
*Iowa St @ Oklahoma, FSN – Woo, woo, crappy Big 12 matchups…

*Ohio State @ Michigan State, ABC – Did I mention there’s not a lot of exciting games this weekend? OSU has been rolling, and MSU is not the team from Michigan that stands a chance.
*Ole Miss @ Alabama, CBS – FOOTBAW

*Baylor @ Texas, TBS – Why is this on television? Baylor’s improved, but this will probably be a massacre.

*Florida @ Auburn, ESPN* – Full circle shenaniganry again for what is easly the best game of the day. It’s not even close. Will Auburn be able to regain their composure? If not, UF probably stomps them and establishes themselves as the team to beat in SEC. Auburn wins, and it’s still wide open. I’d like to see Auburn win for sentimental reasons, but I’d also like to see an undefeated SEC team. Ah, heck, I’m going for AU anyway.

*Michigan @ Penn State, ABC – Honestly, this seems like it’s going to be boring…UMich should roll. Additionally, the west coast ABC game this week is Arizona St.-USC, which I was looking forward to (for all the wrong reasons), but alas. Maybe UMich-PSU will be a blowout.