This Weekend in College Football

Here we go.


  • Arkansas @ Auburn, CBS – As much as I admire Arkansas for somehow beating Alabama, they’re probably heading for a beating here.
  • UNC @ Miami, LF ACC Game – Amato has saved his job, so these are the two hottest seats in the ACC right now. The funniest message board post I’ve seen in the past two weeks involved a UNC fan going on the Miami board to make sure that UM was pysched about beating UNC. The UM fans responded in kind, asking UNC to lay the wood on UM. I kid you not. These people are depressed.
  • Purdue @ Iowa, ESPNU – Once again, fellow engineering school bias. Go Biolermakers!
  • Clemson @ Wake, ESPN – A surprisingly heated ACC rivalry – Wake has won the last two meetings. Wake is also the sole remaining undefeated team in the ACC. Can the Deacons pull it off?

2:30- Stanford @ Notre Dame, ABC – ND rolls. Why can’t they just play USC already?


  • Oklahoma @ Texas, ABC – I think Texas rolls here. Adrian Peterson has a chance to make some noise, and I wish I could see it, but nonetheless, the horns hook ’em again.
  • LSU @ Florida, CBS – I wish I could also see this game. A lot of people like LSU, but I think Florida has a good chance. It helps Auburn a lot if LSU wins, though.
  • Maryland @ Georgia Tech, ESPNU – Can Tech keep it up? Will the Fridge outsmart us? If for some reason you happen to have ESPNU, tune it in. I’ll be there (hence my two previous statements) along with a guest appearance by my brother.
  • Washington @ USC, FSN – USC rolls. (It’s almost 6am, I’m tired.)

4:30: Michigan St. @ UMich, ESPN – How, MSU looked so good 3 weeks ago. Amazing what one horrendous loss can do to a team. And John L. Smith is insane.


  • Missouri @ Texas Tech, TBS – TTU burned me last week, but I refuse to believe that Mizzou is actually any good. General good rule right now for the Big 12 is that the Big 12 South is a lot better than the North, so I’m going with the Raiders on this one.
  • Central Mich @ Toledo, ESPNU – Uh, go Rockets?
  • South Carolina @ Kentucky, ESPN2 – Kentucky is in the bottom 3 worst programs in the SEC right now, along with the Mississippi schools. The Visored One rolls.

7:45: Tennessee @ Georgia, ESPN – Big SEC East game. Go Vols! (Seriously, UGA, where is your offense? Not that I’m complaining.)

8:00: Oregon @ Cal, ABC – Cal continues to try to recover from their opening loss to UT, and karma hopefully will work against Oregon. Cal, I imagine, also has a better post-3rd quarter song. So Go Bears!