On Notice!

Hi, I’m Nick’s brother. My idea is to start this blog’s second weekly feature: On the night of or day after the slate of games, I’m going to post an On Notice board that gives you a precise, 8 point recap of the day’s key actions. Without further ado, here’s the first edition:

  1. Michigan State University – You’re on notice for blowing a 16-point 4th quarter lead against the most overrated team since last year’s BEST TEAM EVAR?? USC team.
  2. Drew Stanton – Your incompetence will somehow be attributed to Charlie Weis’s playcalling and Brady Quinn’s “mental toughness”. Seriously, 3 turnovers on the last 3 drives?
  3. Brent Musberger – Removed his lips from Weis’s ass just long enough to say that an obviously rattled Brady Quinn was “mentally tough”.
  4. Lee Corso – For saying that Stanton’s incompetence keeps ND in the national title race. Hate to say it, Lee, but USC would’ve hung 70 on the ND defense tonight.
  5. University of Colorado – Um…guys…if you’re beating UGA 13-0 in the 4th quarter, try to play some defense next time. Also, you only get 4 downs in football.
  6. Boston College – For losing to NC State on a last second drive, saving Amato’s job until he loses to another MAC team.
  7. MSU Defense – You guys looked really good for about a quarter…what happened? Everyone knows that ND refuses to run the ball – either keep blitzing (GT style) or prepare to get reamed by their offense. Guess what – any QB can look really good when he has all day to throw.
  8. VPISU – You’re up next on the GT schedule – there’s nothing I’ve seen that would make me believe that you should lose, except that first-year starters don’t play well against GT. It won’t be 51-7 again, though.