This Weekend in College Football: Week 4

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Michigan @ Wisconsin (FOX): Well, FOX’s attempts to revitalize the noon slot gives us the most Big Ten game possible. I think Michigan is a favorite here, but with the caveat that they need to absolutely figure out their offensive playcalling.
  • Michigan State @ Northwestern (ABC): We know how this is going to go. Let’s go ahead and resign ourselves to Sparty 10, Northwestern 7 or some crap.
  • Tennessee @ Florida (ESPN): For whatever reason, a large portion of the college football writing talent I follow online is Florida fans, who for whatever reason seem to be especially neurotic about their team. So expect to read a bunch of tweets, wonder if Florida even won the game, and realize they won like 30-14 or something like that.
  • Southern Mississippi @ Alabama (ESPN2): On September 16, 2000, Southern Miss shut out Alabama 21-0 in Tuscaloosa, somewhat marking the nadir of Alabama football. Just take that one occurrence and remember that not all dynasties are permanent, and someday Bama will be terrible again.
  • Louisiana-Monroe @ Iowa State (FS1): If Iowa State can return some punts tomorrow, they should be okay.
  • California @ Mississippi (ESPNU): Ah, to be a fly in the Grove on this game day; well, provided any Cal fans actually travel to Oxford. Either way, this may give the East Coast the first look at Cal’s new-look defense. I like the Bears here.
  • Louisiana State @ Vanderbilt (SEC): Now that LSU seems to have a functional offense, well, good luck Vandy.
  • Western Michigan @ Syracuse (ACCN): What happened to Syracuse? I don’t think they’ll have any issues with WMU, but we may see a lot of inconsistency from the mid-to-bottom tier of the ACC this year.
  • Boston College @ Rutgers (BTN): So… who could have possibly seen BC getting waxed by Kansas coming? And if you did, can I ask you for some other predictions of the future? Because you are apparently omniscient? I mean, despite that happening there’s just no way you can say Rutgers is going to win, right?
  • Connecticut @ Indiana (BTN): This sure is a football game that will happen. Indiana, I guess.

2:00: Louisiana-Lafayette @ Ohio (ESPN+)

3:00: Troy @ Akron (ESPN+)


  • Auburn @ Texas A&M (CBS): Given the overall trajectories of these two programs and the attitude of their fans, I fully expect Auburn to win this game, because no one is expecting it and that is generally how Auburn operates.
  • Washington @ Brigham Young (ABC/ESPN2): Since losing the Holy War, BYU has since made up some ground by beating Tennessee and USC. I don’t think they’ll be able to pull off that trick a third time, but they’ve got a chance.
  • Central Florida @ Pittsburgh (ABC/ESPN2): The Pitt Superweapon misfired against Penn State, so UCF should cruise.
  • Louisville @ Florida State (ESPN): FSU.
  • Southern Methodist @ Texas Christian (FS1): It’s the Battle for the Iron Skillet! And also probably an easy TCU win.
  • Temple @ Buffalo (ESPNU): Buffalo just lost to Liberty, so going with Temple here.
  • South Alabama @ Alabama-Birmingham (NFL): The Battle of I-65! Well, if that didn’t already kinda refer to UAB-MTSU. If that does refer to UAB-MTSU. Look, I’m not going to look that up, but I’m from Alabama, so just trust me on this. Also, UAB is real bad this year, but I’ll still take them here.
  • Miami @ Ohio State (BTN): OSU.
  • Wyoming @ Tulsa (CBSS): Wyoming is one of the luckiest teams in football right now, but fortunately for them Tulsa is bad enough to allow them to go to 4-0 to succeed just on talent.
  • Appalachian State @ North Carolina (RSN): I wasn’t really prepared for Year 1 Mack Brown Back At UNC to be good enough that we’d be kind of shocked that they lost to Wake Forest, but here we are. They’re still going to be App State, though.


  • Kentucky @ Mississippi State (SEC): This is a battle of mid-tier SEC teams that I think are probably about evenly matched, which another way of saying that I don’t know who will win. As is my usual crutch, I’ll go with the home team.
  • South Carolina @ Missouri (SECA): Gamecocks, probably.
  • Central Michigan @ Miami (ACCN): Canes should roll.

4:30: West Virginia @ Kansas (ESPN+): Speaking of odd victories from last week, WVU also waxed NC State. Now the teams that were predicted to be two of the worst P5 teams in the country face off. Who will win? I have no idea! Let’s, uh, go with history and WVU because it still feels weird to pick Kansas to win anything.


  • Oregon @ Stanford (ESPN): Stanford is not good this year, Ducks roll.
  • Old Dominion @ Virginia (ESPN2): UVA holds serve and their bid to emerge from the chaos to be the second-best team in the ACC.
  • Ball State @ North Carolina State (ESPNU): NC State presumably will get over the shock of losing to WVU long enough to take care of business here.
  • Baylor @ Rice (CBSS): Baylor shouldn’t have any issues at the Rice Bowl.
  • Georgia State @ Texas State (ESPN+)


  • Oklahoma State @ Texas (ABC): Texas fans will quickly let you know that Texas hasn’t beat Oklahoma State at home since 2008, but look, that’s just a weird quirk more than anything else. I’m taking Texas.
  • San Jose State @ Arkansas (SEC): Even Arkansas can win this game!
  • Charlotte @ Clemson (ACCN): Clemson.


  • Notre Dame @ Georgia (CBS): I’ll watch this game with a scowl on my face. At least this should knock Notre Dame thoroughly out of the playoff picture.
  • Nebraska @ Illinois (BTN): Illinois is kind of okay this year? Yeah, I don’t know either. I’ll take Nebraska.

10:00: Colorado @ Arizona State (Pac12): Arizona State, just, I don’t get you. To continue to ensure that I don’t understand you, I’ve got Colorado here.

10:15: Toledo @ Colorado State (ESPN2): Rams?


  • California-Los Angeles @ Washington State (ESPN): Hey, it turns out Mike Leach isn’t woke! Yeah, uh, no one who pays attention is surprised. They’ll still win this game.
  • Utah State @ San Diego State (CBSS): Here’s a witching hour game that might actually be interesting! Don’t forget where CBS Sports Network is on your dial and get some solid late-night West Coast football. I’ll take the Aztecs.