This Weekend in College Football: Week 13

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.

Quick note, though: there several teams playing FCS opponents this week. I will list those games, but they will have no or very short summaries.


  • Minnesota @ Nebraska (ESPN): I don’t think the Gophers have anyone prone to rushing for 400 yards, so the Cornhuskers should be safe in this one.
  • Pennsylvania State @ Illinois (ESPN2): I suspect this will be Tim “Eight Wins” Beckman’s penultimate game as head coach of the Illini.
  • Kansas @ Oklahoma (FS1): Good on you for winning last week, Kansas. This one is likely to be a bloodbath.
  • Northwestern @ Purdue (EPSNU): I’m not going to lie, this weekend’s slate of games is pretty brutal. I have Northwestern in this one, but not by a lot.
  • Southern Methodist @ Central Florida (ESPNEWS): I actually watched the end of SMU’s game against Tulsa last weekend, because it was on TV and SMU had a wire-to-wire lead going into the last minute of the fourth quarter. They then proceeded to lose. I suspect they will lose again.
  • Texas-San Antonio @ Western Kentucky (FSN): Western Kentucky all the way in this one.
  • Fordham @ Army (CBSS)
  • Eastern Kentucky @ Florida (SEC)
  • Charleston Southern @ Georgia (SEC)
  • Rutgers @ Michigan State (BTN): Sparty took down the Terps 37-15 last weekend, now the other Big Ten newbie is probably about to get tthe same treatment.
  • Indiana @ Ohio State (BTN): Does Indiana have another surprise in it? Probably not.
  • South Alabama @ South Carolina (SEC/FSN): South Carolina.


  • Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest (ACC): First, hats off to Virginia Tech and North Carolina. While both were picked to finish ahead of us in the ACC, they did their parts by chipping in and giving Duke their second and third conference losses, and allowing us to advance to Charlotte. Thanks! Anyway, Wake is still awful, but the Hokies are so offensively inept that they’ll probably make it closer than it should be.
  • Yale @ Harvard (NBCSN)

1:00: Washington State @ Arizona State (Pac12): While I’d love a crazy upset here, I’m not banking on it.


  • Louisville @ Notre Dame (NBC): They don’t really have manuals for how to recover from losing to Northwestern in overtime. Louisville will probably not provide any sort of closure, but I think the Domers will escape with a win and then get wrecked by USC next weekend.
  • Mississippi @ Arkansas (CBS): Well, Arkansas finally pulled off their upset last week. I’d think it’s likely that things will be back to normal in this one.
  • Boston College @ Florida State (ABC/ESPN2): FSU is a nineteen point favorite, so you definitely want to take BC to cover here. Otherwise, I imagine FSU will do its usual thing, i.e., trail for a substantial portion of the game and then wake up and win.
  • Wisconsin @ Iowa (ABC/ESPN2): I have a feeling it may be Iowa’s turn to have their rush defense statistics get obliterated.
  • Arizona @ Utah (ESPN): The numbers are slightly in favor of Utah, and while I like the Utes plenty, I just like the Wildcats a little better.
  • Syracuse @ Pittsburgh (ESPNU): Pitt’s running back has been in awesome in their past three games. Problem? They’ve lost all of them. That said, Syracuse is the easiest game in this stretch and should give the Panthers a ray of hope for bowl eligibility going into Miami next weekend.
  • Texas Tech @ Iowa State (FSN): I’d say the wheels are coming off for Texas Tech, but at least they didn’t lose to Kansas. I’ll stick with the Raiders.
  • Georgia State @ Clemson (ACC/RSN): Clemson’s offense is terrible without Deshaun Watson, but they won’t need him here.
  • Maryland @ Michigan (BTN): Maryland is thoroughly mediocre enough that Michigan can probably get a win here, but I’m not confident about it.


  • Stanford @ California (FS1): This one might be worth watching just because it’s a match up of total opposites. On one hand, a team that can’t stop anyone to save their lives. On the other, a team that can’t score. Which will prevail? Can Cal gut out a close win, or are they capable of shredding the Cardinal like Oregon did and making it a moot point? I’m going with the Bears in a slight upset.
  • South Florida @ Memphis (ESPNEWS): I’m having trouble adjusting to this universe where Memphis is a 19-point favorite over anyone, but here we are. Already at 7-3, I think they’ll get to 9.
  • Western Carolina @ Alabama (SEC)

4:30: Colorado @ Oregon (Pac12): Very quietly since the loss to Arizona, Oregon has looked like, well, Oregon again. This trend should continue against the Buffs’ awful defense.


  • Miami @ Virginia (ESPN2): As long as they’re not too deflated by allowing FSU to come back last weekend, this should be an easy win for the ‘Canes.
  • Samford @ Auburn (ESPNU)


  • Oklahoma State @ Baylor (FOX): This one probably looked better at the beginning of the year than it does now. The Bears should win in a romp.
  • Missouri @ Tennessee (ESPN): I think it says a lot about the year South Carolina is having that both these teams beat them. It’s not really a safe pick, per se, but I’m still taking Mizzou.
  • Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State (SEC): Still trying to figure out what happened to Vandy, because the same thing seems to be happening at Stanford (though at least they still play pretty good defense). Clanga in a romp.


  • Southern California @ California-Los Angeles (ABC): Like all three of USC’s loses, I suspect in this one their lack of depth will come home too roost and UCLA will be able to eke out a win the end.
  • Cincinnati @ Connecticut (CBSS): They’re very thankful that basketball season has started over in Storrs.

10:15: Boise State @ Wyoming (ESPN2): A win here will ensure that Boise continues to confuse what Group of Five team will get into the big-money bowls, so I’m sure that’s what’ll happen. But also tune-in because hopefully Wyoming will be wearing some horrendous combination of brown and mustard yellow.


  • Fresno State @ Nevada (ESPNU): Nevada just looks like a better all-around team than Fresno does. This will probably end the Bulldogs’ shot at a bowl.
  • Oregon State @ Washington (Pac12): UDub is still searching for that elusive seventh win (which they need for bowl eligibility since they’re playing a 13-game schedule). The odds look good they’ll find it here.