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Well, I’m watching Southern Miss and Houston go at it right now for the C-USA title and I figured, eh, let’s do this.

Noon- Connecticut @ Louisville (ESPN): Whet your palate with this Big East tilt. A UL win here and a Rutgers lost in Morgantown sends UL to a BCS bowl.

1:00- Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest (ABC): I’ve been asked numerous times this week if I planned on going to Jacksonville. My answer was, and is, no. I have a project due Monday, blah, blah, you don’t care. However, I care greatly about graduating in two weeks….
So what do I think about this game? Well, it’s tough to get a read on it. Obviously, Reggie needs to play better. The main key is whether or not Wake’s misdirection will cause our fast defense to overpersue. We shall see.

2:30- Army vs. Navy (CBS): My Dad is an Army grad (class of ’73), so I feel obligated to say “GO ARMY BEAT NAVY”, despite the fact Army probably doesn’t have a chance. 🙁
Also rooting for former GT head coach Bobby Ross, who during his tenure here won a national title.

3:00- Stanford @ California (FSN): The Big Game isn’t, well, terribly big this year. But did you know that GT’s official fight song, “Up With the White and Gold” (though, of course, “Ramblin Wreck is much more famous”) was stolen from Cal during GT’s trip to the 1929 Rose Bowl (GT won, by the way)? Compare this to this lyrics for “Up With the White and Gold” I posted last week. (Though, of course, I like this Cal song better….)

4:30- USC @ UCLA (ABC): I think we’re all aware what’s on the line here, and I think most of us are also aware UCLA doesn’t have a chance.

6:00- Florida vs. Arkansas (CBS): Well, just down the road from here there’s playing a conference championship game. Arkansas’s situation seems pretty similar to ours, honestly. Both teams are coming off disappointing losses to major rivals. It’ll be interesting to see if either, or both, can recover. UF, meanwhile, is looking to put an impressive game together, but I think it’ll be too little, too late.

7:45- Rutgers @ West Virginia (ESPN): Battle for the Big East! Kind of.

8:00- Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (ABC): Two traditional Big 12 powers! Still surprised OU made it, I mean, they only lost the best RB in the country and all. And I think the most insightful thing one can say about Nebraska is what my Dad said last weekend: “Man, it’s weird to see Nebraska throw the ball all over the place.” Indeed.

12:00am, Sunday- Oregon St. @ Hawaii (ESPN): I love it when BCS teams use a trip to Hawaii as, basically, a bowl game. Thing is, OSU is a decent squad and all (they beat USC), but Hawaii isn’t bad either. If I’m still conscious, I’ll watch.

And that’s it, folks! Have a good weekend, and Go Jackets!

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